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What People Are Saying

“I had the pleasure of attending Ryan Staley's presentation on using ChatGPT to grow revenue and it was truly impressive. Ryan's deep knowledge and understanding of the technology was evident as he walked us through real-life examples of how ChatGPT can be utilized to boost revenue in various industries. His presentation was engaging, informative, and inspiring. I highly recommend Ryan to anyone looking to take their business to the next level with the help of ChatGPT.”

Jason ShelbyVP of Sales & Marketing at EstateSpace

“I attended Ryan's presentation on "How To Use ChatGPT for Growth" and came away with a great framework, such as his "Master Prompt Method", and several interesting ideas to try out. Cool stuff!”

Tony YangCEO & Cofounder, RevOptica

“I've gotten to know Ryan through SaasOpen over the last two conferences, and am now following his LinkedIn content & events as close as possible. Incredibly knowledgeable, well structured, organized, and a pleasure to speak with. Highly recommend leveraging Ryan's sales domain expertise, mentality, and intelligence.”

Justin ArensonCEO, Campus Tree

“I wanted to express my gratitude to Ryan for the highly informative and beneficial live webinar you hosted last night. The insights you shared were incredibly valuable, and I have already taken action by incorporating some of your suggestions into my workflow to enhance work efficiency and deliver exceptional content to my clients. Thank you for the remarkable experience.”

John RoyDirector of Web | SEO | UX Development at MedTech Momentum

“Ryan demonstrated several online tools which I began to use & should be helpful for my business. I greatly appreciate the details he provided, and very clearly explained.”

Chris LienPresident, Tutor Doctor San Diego County

“Ryan's talk was a blast! He nailed how to combine AI with sales tactics for B2B enterprise software, making any sales team more efficient and unstoppable.”

Johnson HaSr. Sales Director @ Incode

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