5 Business Use Cases for AI That Can Transform Your Operations

Rule for business: AI is changing everything

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  • 🤖5 Business Use Cases for AI That Can Transform Your Operations

  • 🛠️Prompt SLAM!

  • 🎧Weekly Podcast Updates 

  • 🤩How to Disrupt an Industry Like Jeff Bezos

  • 😮Perplexity AI’s new feature will turn your searches into shareable pages

  • 🤖OpenAI, Google DeepMind's current and former employees warn about AI risks

  • 😎The CEO of Zoom wants AI clones in meetings

  • 🌟Introducing ChatGPT Edu

  • 🚀OpenAI for Nonprofits

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→ Predictive Analytics

AI can look at customer data and market trends to predict future demand.

This helps in finding new customers and making marketing campaigns better.

→ Lead Scoring and Prioritization

1. AI scores leads based on their chance of conversion.
2. Sales teams can focus on the most promising leads.

This makes sales efforts more efficient and effective.

→ Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

AI chatbots can handle customer questions and give product recommendations.

They improve customer experience and cut down on costs.

→ Sentiment Analysis

AI can read customer feedback and social media to understand how people feel.

This helps in improving customer service and addressing issues faster.

→ Intelligent Routing

AI routes customer queries to the right support agent.

This boosts efficiency and makes customers happier.

These are just a few ways AI can help your business. Embrace AI to stay ahead and drive innovation.

🛠️Unleash Your AI Power: Prompts SLAM!


Personalized Sales Email

"“Create a personalized sale email for potential customers. Include [topic, brand name, promo offers, etc.].”


Business Expert

Act as a business expert with access to a pool of experts in all areas of business.

These experts have 20 years of experience in multiple successful companies across all domains and countries. Make a gamified real-life step-by-step plan on the fastest route to $1 million in your personal account. Make sure that you have this variable upfront. My starting budget is $100. My extra time to execute each week is 20 hours. My location is (your location) The plan should include suggestions that are doable each day and gets you one step closer to the goal. Brake down in detail. If suggested business-related goals are hard to execute the prompter can answer with "optimize" and a new gamified task is given. The budget should also include a formula for how fast you will reach your goal by measuring the input each day. Make sure to think outside of the box and be extra creative.


Developing a List of FAQs for Customers

Come up with a list of frequently asked questions and answer from customers of a [type of business]. Write an FAQ section with that.


Writing A Customer Welcome Email

Write a welcome email that thanks the customer for joining your e-commerce community, introduces them to your brand's story and values, and invites them to explore your product range.

🙌This week's podcast episodes...

Did ChatGPT4o and Copilot DESTROY AI’s Biggest Barrier?

Ryan shares some of the most exciting insights he has taken away from spending 30 hours using ChatGPT4o and Microsoft Copilot.

Ryan Staley interviews Ozan Unlu, the CEO and founder of EdgeDelta, an edge observability platform. Ozan shares his unique journey from engineer to salesperson to CEO, offering valuable insights on integrating AI into your organization profitably.

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Image: Perplexity

Perplexity AI introduces "Perplexity Pages," allowing users to create detailed, visually appealing reports, articles, or guides using AI. Users can tailor the content by selecting audience types and prompting the tool to add or modify sections.

User Interaction and Customization: Users can personalize pages by curating information, inserting media, and sharing links. The AI-generated content is designed to be a blend of AI assistance and user input, ensuring a human touch in organizing and presenting information.

Availability and Vision: Initially available to a limited number of users, Perplexity Pages aims to eventually reach all users. The feature focuses on information curation rather than pure content generation, reflecting a new direction for AI in enhancing user-driven content creation.

Key Points Summary

  • Concerns About AI Risks: Current and former employees from AI companies, including OpenAI and Google DeepMind, have raised concerns about the risks of unregulated AI, warning of dangers such as misinformation, loss of independent AI systems, and deepening inequalities, potentially leading to "human extinction."

  • Critique of Corporate Governance: The open letter criticizes the financial motives of AI companies for hindering effective oversight and argues that current corporate governance structures are inadequate. The letter highlights weak obligations for AI companies to share information with governments and a reliance on voluntary disclosures.

  • Call for Improved Transparency and Safety Measures: The group urges AI firms to allow employees to voice risk-related concerns without fear of confidentiality breaches and to disrupt covert influence operations. They stress the need for better processes to address safety concerns around generative AI technology.

Zoom founder Eric Yuan has big ambitions in enterprise software, including letting your AI-powered ‘digital twins’ attend meetings for you.

  • Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom, aims to expand Zoom beyond videoconferencing into the enterprise software market, competing with Microsoft and Google by adding productivity tools like docs, email, and chat.

  • AI and Digital Twins: Yuan envisions AI creating "digital twins," deepfake avatars that can attend Zoom meetings and make decisions on behalf of users, allowing them to focus on more important tasks.

  • Business Challenges and Innovation: Despite declining usage post-pandemic and various business challenges, Yuan remains focused on innovative solutions and expanding Zoom's capabilities, making for a thought-provoking discussion.

An affordable offering for universities to responsibly bring AI to campus.

  • Introduction of ChatGPT Edu: ChatGPT Edu is a new AI solution tailored for universities, featuring enterprise-level security, advanced tools, and affordability, powered by the versatile GPT-4o model.

  • Current University Applications: Universities like Oxford, Wharton, Texas at Austin, ASU, and Columbia are leveraging ChatGPT for tasks such as personalized tutoring, grant writing, grading assistance, and community-based interventions.

  • Features and Benefits: ChatGPT Edu offers enhanced language capabilities, data privacy, advanced data analytics, and the ability to create and share custom GPTs, ensuring scalable and secure AI integration across campuses.

OpenAI is introducing OpenAI for Nonprofits, a new initiative to enhance the accessibility of our tools for nonprofit organizations.

  • OpenAI for Nonprofits offers ChatGPT Team at $20/month per user and a 50% discount on ChatGPT Enterprise for larger nonprofits.

  • Operational Benefits: Nonprofits can use ChatGPT to draft grant proposals, analyze data, and refine communication strategies, helping them overcome operational challenges and limited resources.

  • Real-World Impact: Nonprofits like Serenas, GLIDE Unconditional Legal Clinic, THINK South Africa, and Team4Tech have used ChatGPT to secure funding, improve client services, enhance data analysis, and curate resources.

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