Avoid These 3 AI Mistakes

99% are falling behind with AI because of these 3 Mistakes. Learn how to leap ahead into the 1% that excels with AI!

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Happy Friday! This is Ryan Staley of Whale Boss where I share the latest weekly insights, prompts, and workflows to unleash the power of AI! 🔥

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  • 🤖99% are falling behind with AI because of these 3 Mistakes

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  • 😮ChatGPT Leads with 13% Month-on-Month Traffic Growth, Hits 1.77 Billion Visits in March 2024

  • 🤖LinkedIn testing Premium Company Page subscription with AI-assisted content creation

  • 😎Adobe’s working on generative video, too

  • 🙌Poe introduces multi-bot chat and plans enterprise tier to dominate AI chatbot market

  • Zoom gets its first major overhaul in 10 years, powered by generative AI

Unlock the secrets to successful AI implementation! Join me in this eye-opening episode as I reveal the 3 AI mistakes hindering most people from harnessing AI effectively.

1. AI is Not Software, It's Like an Intern:

- Instead of expecting AI to act like predictable software, treat it as a dynamic intern with strengths and weaknesses. Understand its capabilities, and leverage its strengths while compensating for its limitations.

2. Provide Context for Quality Outputs:

- Don't expect AI to inherently understand context; guide it by providing specific personas, experiences, and roles to enhance the quality of its outputs.

3. Recognize AI's Strengths and Weaknesses:

- AI excels at complex tasks like business plans and data analysis but may struggle with simpler functions like math. Understand and document the strengths and weaknesses of the AI model you use to make the most out of it.

Learn how to leap ahead into the 1% that excels with AI!

🛠️Unleash Your AI Power: Prompts SLAM!


Passing negative feedbacks to product team

“As VP of sales, how do you pass on customer's negative feedbacks to product team?”


Analyze market trend for specific industry

Write a report on marketing trend for [industry] including top market trend in bullet points, top area of growth I need to pay attention to, list of top 5 noticeable players in the industry, list of 3 noticeable stats , list of 3 top industry expert and 3 top industry events


Metrics to measure new product features launch

As a product manager, what are the key metrics you can use to assess launching of [product features] ?


Email Subject Lines - Marketing email

Here is a marketing email I have written [insert the email or describe the email].

Come up with a subject line that's [adjective] and [adjective].

🙌This week's podcast episodes...

Get ready to supercharge your AI game with Ryan as he shares three mind-blowing mistakes 99% of people are making with AI implementation. Discover how to overcome these pitfalls and join the 1% who are revolutionizing the way they integrate AI into their business.
Stephanie Valenti, a four-time executive operator, shares her insights on turning chaos into scalability in organizations. She emphasizes the importance of creating structure, processes, and a strong team to achieve long-term growth.

ChatGPT is on track to surpass its highest-ever traffic record of 1.81 billion visits set in May 2023, showing a resurgence in traffic starting in October and achieving a year-over-year growth of 33%.

Despite being the largest dedicated AI chatbot platform, ChatGPT's month-over-month traffic growth of 13% is still lower compared to other AI platforms like Anthropic’s Claude, which saw a 161% increase influenced by its latest release, and Perplexity, which recorded significant growth rates both month-over-month and year-over-year.

Images: Digital Information World

LinkedIn is testing a new Premium Company Page subscription aimed at small and medium businesses, offering AI-generated content, tools to increase follower counts, and enhanced visibility for a monthly fee starting at $99.

This initiative is part of LinkedIn's strategy to diversify its revenue streams and improve its platform's usefulness amid widespread criticism about data privacy concerns and the platform's reputation for self-promotion.

The new service incorporates features like visitor tracking, "call to action" buttons, and the display of testimonials, reflecting an ongoing push to integrate more AI capabilities and solidify the platform as a trusted professional network.

Adobe is developing an AI video generation model as part of its Firefly product line, set to be integrated into Premiere Pro later this year, featuring new capabilities like object addition, removal, and generative extend.

Image: Adobe

In contrast to competitors who may use publicly sourced data, Adobe is compensating contributors for training data, aligning with its commitment to copyright respect and potentially offering a safer option for enterprises concerned with IP issues.

Poe is expanding its capabilities with new features like "multi-bot chat," which allows users to interact with multiple AI models simultaneously within a single conversation, enhancing the user experience by offering a mix of specialized AI tools in one flow.

Zoom has launched its first significant overhaul in over a decade with the introduction of Zoom Workplace, an AI-powered collaboration platform. This new update includes a fresh look with customizable color themes and a multi-speaker view that improves participant engagement by highlighting active speakers on a "stage".

Zoom Workplace introduces several tools to foster better collaboration, such as a document collaboration feature for real-time co-editing, a new Meetings tab for centralized access to meeting resources, and a Team Chat tab for ongoing discussions and resource sharing. Additionally, continuous meeting chats and a Meeting Event hub compile all meeting-related assets and summaries post-meeting.

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