The AI Secret that Could Change the Way You Sell Forever

Utilize AI to supercharge your sales process, from prospecting to demos, and elevate your team’s acumen instantly. This is a game-changer for high-stakes sales.

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  • 🤖The AI Secret that Could Change the Way You Sell Forever 

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  • 😮How generative AI unlocks creativity in all professions

  • 🤖Google's AlphaFold 3 Unveiled

  • 😎YouTube Premium members can 'skip ahead' to the good bits with new feature now available

  • 🙌OpenAI and Stack Overflow partner to bring more technical knowledge into ChatGPT

  • New Microsoft AI model may challenge GPT-4 and Google Gemini

This is a game-changing AI secret that can transform your sales strategy forever.

Here are some key takeaways:

🔍 Identify top KPIs: Understand the KPIs your potential clients are evaluated on and be specific. This insight can set you apart from other salespeople and demonstrate a personalized understanding of the client's needs.

🎯 Address challenges: Delve into the challenges your potential clients face, especially in specific market conditions. This will enable you to empathize with their situation and offer tailored solutions that can alleviate their concerns.

💭 Understand emotions: Take the time to comprehend the emotions of the person you are selling to. Integrating frustrations, fears, dreams, and desires into your messaging and conversations can elevate your sales approach to a more persuasive level.

🛠️Unleash Your AI Power: Prompts SLAM!


Social selling

Write a friendly and engaging {social media platform} comment in response to a message that says {copy of recent social media post}, subtly introducing {your product or service} and offering a unique value proposition.


Team Building Prompt

Suggest strategies for improving team collaboration and communication.


Brainstorm meeting agenda

As a product manager at [company name], you are about to host a brainstorm meeting with your team to come up with feature list for coming quarter. please write an agenda


Email Marketing

We are launching [product]. It is designed for [audience]. These are three main features/benefits [Item], [Item], [Item]. Please write a sales email inviting the reader to buy a product at [percentage]% off."

🙌This week's podcast episodes...

From Insight to Oversight 3 Common AI Blunders Derailing Executive Careers

Ryan shares his insightful experience working with over 220 executives and uncovers his top three problems with AI adoption in business today.

Ryan talks with Matt Wolach, CEO of Xsellus, to dive deep into the world of closing deals and skyrocketing demo conversion rates. Matt shares his game-changing framework that helped him achieve exponential growth and gives many opportunities to learn from a true sales mastermind!

Creativity in the modern workplace is evolving beyond traditional visual arts and design, thanks to advancements in generative AI, which enables people across various professions to engage in creative processes and generate new ideas more efficiently.

Image: Canva Magic Studio

Canva's suite of AI tools, such as the Magic Studio, is democratizing creativity by empowering all employees, regardless of their original roles, to undertake creative tasks like designing visual content and presentations, thereby enhancing their ability to communicate and express ideas visually.

Key Points:

  1. Expanded Capability: AlphaFold 3 extends beyond its predecessor by predicting not only protein structures but also interactions involving a broader range of biomolecules like DNA, RNA, and ligands, offering a more comprehensive view of molecular dynamics.

  2. Accelerated Drug Discovery: By accurately predicting molecular interactions, AlphaFold 3 could drastically speed up the development of new drugs and treatments, overcoming traditional time-consuming and costly trial-and-error methods.

  3. Broad Accessibility: The introduction of the AlphaFold Server democratizes access to this advanced AI technology, allowing researchers worldwide to utilize it for non-commercial research, potentially accelerating scientific discoveries across various fields.

Image: Wiki

Can we skip to the good part?

YouTube is testing a new "Jump Ahead" feature that uses AI to allow users to skip directly to the most-watched parts of a video, based on collective viewing data.

This feature automatically suggests jumping points by showing a button when users double-tap to skip forward, indicating where most viewers tend to skip ahead to commonly overlooked sections.

Limited Availability: Initially tested among a select group of YouTube Premium users, the feature is now accessible through the YouTube Labs page but is restricted to the YouTube Android app in the U.S. and only works with English videos.

OpenAI and Stack Overflow are partnering to enhance each other's platforms; OpenAI will incorporate Stack Overflow’s technical data into ChatGPT for improved responses to coding and technical queries, while Stack Overflow will use OpenAI models to develop its Overflow AI for natural language search.

Stack Overflow will provide feedback from its developer community to help improve OpenAI's AI models, and OpenAI will attribute and link to Stack Overflow content in ChatGPT, enhancing user engagement with technical content.

The partnership includes plans for integrating OpenAI’s technology into Stack Overflow’s services in the first half of the year, expanding the capabilities of Stack Overflow’s generative AI applications and fostering more AI-driven tools for developers.

Microsoft is developing a new AI language model, MAI-1, potentially on par with leading models like OpenAI's GPT-4, with around 500 billion parameters. Led by Mustafa Suleyman, formerly of Google and Inflection (which Microsoft acquired), this model represents Microsoft's first major in-house AI development since its significant investment in OpenAI. MAI-1 could herald a dual AI strategy at Microsoft, aiming for both smaller, mobile device models and larger, cloud-powered systems. This new initiative indicates Microsoft's commitment to independent AI advancement, diverging from its reliance on OpenAI technologies, and may be previewed soon at its Build developer conference.

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