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Upgrade your sales leadership strategy with 20 essential AI prompt templates

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  • 💡 Elevate Your Sales Team with AI - 20 Use Cases that Breed Leaders not Followers

  • 🛠️ Prompt SLAM!

  • 🎧 Weekly Podcast Updates 

  • 🤖 OpenAI Introduces 16 Tailored ChatGPT Bots for Precision Assistance!

  • 💪 Unveiling Project Olympus: Amazon's Bold Leap into the World of ChatGPT Competitors

  • 🙌 Revolutionizing Communication: DeepL Set to Outpace Google and Microsoft with Groundbreaking AI-Translated Video Calls

  • 😮 Getting emotional with ChatGPT could get you the best outputs

  • 🌟 Airbnb acquires AI startup for just under $200 million

Sales leaders, your playbook is outdated—these 20 AI prompts are the upgrade you need.
⚡ Out with the old, in with the AI!

Upgrade your sales leadership strategy with 20 essential AI prompt templates:

1️⃣ Inspiration at Scale-Craft speeches that resonate with your team's aspirations and goals.
2️⃣ Professional Ladders - Generate development plans that lead your team members to their next big roles.
3️⃣ Philosophies that Perform - Compose a sales leadership philosophy that champions your core values.
4️⃣ Guiding through Transformation - Navigate your team through changes with a clear, impactful narrative.
5️⃣ D&I as a Priority - Implement action plans for diversity and inclusion that make a real difference.

...all this plus tailored templates for managing KPIs, conflicts, and time, forecasting, planning, growing revenue, and C-suite collaboration!
Transform your approach today.

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🛠️Unleash Your AI Power: Prompts SLAM!


Crafting Sales Copy

"How can I [ACTION] the benefits of my [PRODUCT/SERVICE] without sounding too [ADJECTIVE]? I want to [ACTION] potential customers understand the [ADJECTIVE] value of what I'm offering and [ACTION] them to make a purchase."


Offer Letter Automation

"Please create an offer letter for a [position title] role with a salary of [salary amount] and start date of [start date]. The benefits include [list of benefits]. The job location is [location]. Also, include a brief company overview that does [company details].""


Writing Video Descriptions

"Please provide a video description for a [specific type of video] that includes [key elements/stands out/encourages] viewers to watch the video."


SMS Marketing

"Create an SMS to promote the launch of a new [product/service line], emphasizing the unique features and benefits it offers to customers."

TIP: Quickly generate responses, even without prompt changes. Surprising variations may arise, and the second attempt can be the most fruitful.

🙌This week's podcast episodes...

  • OpenAI introduces 16 custom ChatGPT chatbots for subscribers

  • Subscribers can explore the capabilities of these specialized models

  • The ability to create personal ChatGPT chatbots is not yet available

  • Examples of specific GPTs include DALL-E for image generation and ChatGPT Classic for standard chat

  • Other bots are designed for tasks such as data analysis, game explanation, negotiation, creative writing coaching, and more

  • Each custom GPT offers sample questions to demonstrate its capabilities

  • Tasks range from role-playing a salary negotiation to seeking laundry advice and generating mocktail recipes

  • The initiative was unveiled at OpenAI's Dev Day event, showcasing the potential of tailored AI interactions.

Credit: Business Today

  • Amazon's Investment in LLM:

    • Amazon is reportedly investing millions in a new large language model (LLM) codenamed 'Olympus.'

    • The project aims to compete with offerings like ChatGPT Enterprise and Microsoft Copilot, targeting corporate customers.

  • Development Details:

    • Olympus is designed to power features in Amazon's online retail store, Alexa voice assistant, and Amazon Web Services.

    • The LLM is expected to outperform Titan, a group of LLMs currently offered by AWS.

  • Potential Announcement:

    • Olympus could be officially announced at the upcoming AWS re:Invent 2023 event.

    • It is anticipated to surpass GPT-4 in performance, boasting an impressive two trillion parameters.

  • Size and Capacity:

    • Reuters reports that Olympus will have two trillion parameters, making it twice the size of GPT-4.

    • This positions Amazon's LLM as one of the largest ever built.

  • Background Rumors:

    • Speculation about Amazon's AI chatbot initiative surfaced in May, based on job listings indicating a chatbot-building initiative within the company.

  • Context for Size Comparison:

    • For context, GPT-4, OpenAI's advanced LLM, has one trillion parameters, highlighting the significant scale of Amazon's model.

  • DeepL's AI Translation Initiatives:

    • DeepL, a well-funded German startup, aimed to address language barriers on video calls even before the launch of ChatGPT.

    • The company, valued at over $1 billion, is competing with industry giants like Google in language translation technology.

  • Upcoming Voice Interpreter:

    • DeepL is set to launch its first voice interpreter next month, allowing translation of spoken words into text in another language.

    • The goal is to integrate this feature into the DeepL app and eventually expand it to widely used meeting software like Zoom.

Credit: DeepL / Brussels Times

  • Competition in AI Translations:

    • DeepL faces competition from various sectors, with companies like Samsung incorporating real-time AI translation in smartphones, and others exploring AI voice cloning and text-to-speech applications.

    • AI translations are becoming prevalent in diverse industries, from music to city governments utilizing multilingual capabilities.

Boosting ChatGPT Responses with Emotion:

  • Researchers from Microsoft, William & Mary, and Asian research centers explored how adding emotional language to prompts affects AI chatbot responses.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence:

  • Emotional intelligence, defined as interpreting and managing emotion-infused information, was examined in large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT.

Research Findings:

  • The study showed that LLMs, including ChatGPT, produced higher-quality outputs when prompted with emotional language.

  • Emotional prompts led to an 8% performance improvement in tasks such as rephrasing sentences and finding common characteristics.

Key Points:

  • Airbnb has made its first acquisition as a public company, in a deal valued at just under $200 million, sources familiar with the deal told CNBC.

  • The startup is called Gameplanner.AI, which has been in “stealth mode” since its founding in 2020 by Adam Cheyer, one of the founders of Siri, which was acquired by Apple.

  • Gameplanner.AI will accelerate some of Airbnb’s AI projects, the source told CNBC.

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