GPT Store and GPT for Teams - Complete Review

Explore various aspects of these new offerings, including their functionality, user experience, and potential applications in business and personal contexts.

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  • 🤖 GPT Store and GPT for Teams - Complete Review

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  • 🤩OpenAI Launches GPT Store: Where Creators Can Share—And Possibly Make Money From—Their Chatbots

  • 🤖Pennsylvania government workers will start using ChatGPT in test program

  • 🙌 A Michigan school to let AI participate in classes, choose major, earn degree

  • Walmart debuts generative AI search and AI replenishment features at CES

  • 😎Volkswagen says it’s putting ChatGPT in its cars for ‘enriching conversations’

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🛠️Unleash Your AI Power: Prompts SLAM!


Know what your customers are saying about your product online

Find customer reviews and forum discussions about [Product/Service/subject]

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Come up with a creative name for your business

Can you suggest a creative name for my [Niche] startup?


Make content that's easy to skim

ChatGPT, I would like your assistance in enhancing the skimmability of my [article/blog post].

Please help me transform the following text into a bulleted list:

[Insert the long paragraphs or sections of text that you want to convert into bullet points here]


Hook readers instantly: Craft a jaw-dropping opening sentence

"Let's work together to create an attention-grabbing opening sentence for my article on [insert topic or theme]. The opening sentence should [insert desired effect on the reader, e.g. such as grab their attention, make them curious, or convey a sense of urgency].

Please use the following information to help you come up with suggestions:

Target audience: [insert target audience for this article]

Tone or style I want to convey in the opening sentence: [insert the tone or style of your article - eg. serious, humorous, informative, persuasive]

Keywords or phrases that I want to include for SEO purposes: [insert any specific keywords or phrases if you want to]

Main message I want readers to take away from the article: [insert answer here]

Desired length: [insert maximum word count, if you want to]

Call to action: [insert any specific call to action you want to include in the opening sentence, if applicable]

Examples of successful opening sentences: [insert any examples of successful opening sentences you would like to emulate or that have worked well for you in the past]"

🙌This week's podcast episodes...

Image: Created in ChatGPT Teams

GPT Store became available to paid ChatGPT customers on Wednesday and allows them to search GPTs—for example, bots designed to help one decide which book to read or how to find a tutoring service—developed by OpenAI partners and others, according to an OpenAI blog post.

The store will operate similarly to Apple’s App Store and Alphabet’s Google Play store, according to multiple reports, and will allow users to search for chatbots by category and see which ones are popular among users.

Some Pennsylvania state employees will use ChatGPT Enterprise for admin work in an OpenAI partnership.

  • “Our goal with the pilot is to work closely with a small number of employees to figure out where we can have the greatest impact using generative AI tools,” said Neil Weaver, secretary of Pennsylvania’s Office of Administration.

  • Pennsylvania plans to use ChatGPT Enterprise “for tasks such as creating copy, making outdated policy language more accessible, drafting job descriptions to help with recruitment and hiring, [and] addressing duplication and conflicting guidance” in employee policy as well as for coding.

The experiment could reveal useful insights about the way students perceive and interact with curriculum in a university environment.

Artificial intelligence goes to campus

The experiment won’t involve any robots or telepresence mechanisms. The AI systems will instead “observe” the class via audio and video.

At first, according to the report, they’ll merely be observers. But the plan is for them to eventually participate in classroom discussions, turn in written assignments, and ostensibly meet any other standard requirements for students on the way to earning their respective degrees.

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Thompson told MLive the university hoped to glean useful data which could be used to “impact every aspect of the university, from admissions to registration,” implying the machines would be tasked with participating in the University’s onboarding process.

  1. Integration of New Technologies: Walmart discussed using augmented reality (AR), drones, generative AI, and other AI technologies to improve the shopping experience.

  2. AI-Powered Tools Launch: Introduced AI tools for product search and replenishment, and a beta AR social commerce platform, “Shop with Friends.”

  3. Generative AI Search Feature on iOS: A new feature enabling customers to search for products by use cases rather than specific names or brands.

  4. Automated Online Shopping Carts: Walmart InHome Replenishment uses AI for automated cart creation of frequently ordered items, delivered directly to customers.

  5. “Shop with Friends” AR Tool: Combines virtual try-on technology with social features for sharing virtual outfits and receiving feedback.

  6. Focus on Adaptive Retail: Walmart aims to blend e-commerce and in-store experiences into a unified, personalized shopping experience.

  7. AI in Sam’s Club: Implementing AI and computer vision to streamline receipt verification processes.

  8. Expansion of 'My Assistant' Tool: The AI tool for store associates is expanding to 11 countries, assisting with various tasks in native languages.

  9. Ethical Approach to AI: Walmart emphasizes using AI ethically, with a focus on enhancing associate roles and customer experiences.

  10. Collaboration with Microsoft for AI: Utilization of Azure OpenAI large language models in their retail operations.

  11. Expanded Drone Delivery Service: Increasing the reach of its drone delivery in Dallas-Ft. Worth to enhance delivery speed and efficiency.

Walmart's address showcased their commitment to integrating AI and advanced technologies to revolutionize retail and delivery services.

Volkswagen is jumping on the generative AI bandwagon by announcing plans to install OpenAI’s ChatGPT into its vehicles starting in the second quarter of 2024.

VW is using ChatGPT to augment its IDA in-car voice assistant to enable more naturalistic communication between car and driver. Vehicle owners can use the new super-powered voice assistant to control basic functions, like heating and air conditioning, or to answer “general knowledge questions.” (Though, given ChatGPT’s penchant for occasionally making stuff up, user discretion is advised.)

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