How to Integrate Microsoft Copilot with Your Existing Tools

Seamlessly Integrate Microsoft Copilot with Your Existing Tools for Enhanced Productivity

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Here’s what we got for you this week:

  • 🤖How to Integrate Microsoft Copilot with Your Existing Tools

  • 🛠️Prompt SLAM!

  • 🎧Weekly Podcast Updates 

  • 🤩How to Have Sam Altman as Your Startup Advisor

  • 😮OpenAI signs 100K PwC workers to ChatGPT’s enterprise tier as PwC becomes its first resale partner

  • 🤖OpenAI is training GPT-4's successor. Here are 3 big upgrades to expect from GPT-5

  • 😎Discord has become an unlikely center for the generative AI boom

I'll show you how to effectively integrate Microsoft Copilot with your existing tools. With recent AI advancements from Microsoft, OpenAI, and Google, you don't have to wait for new features—I'll guide you through three key use cases you can use today.

I'll also demonstrate some hidden features in Microsoft Edge to enhance your workflow. Get ready to streamline your tasks and boost productivity with AI!

🛠️Unleash Your AI Power: Prompts SLAM!


Writing Sales Email

Write a welcome email to my customers after they purchased [name of the product].

Congratulate them for their purchase, and invite them to keep in contact so you

can keep helping them solve [problem].


Project management

“Can you suggest a suitable project management tool for a small development team?”


Effective Meeting Prompt

“Suggest strategies for keeping meetings on track and concise.”



Write a welcome email to my customers after they purchased [name of the product].

Congratulate them for their purchase, and invite them to keep in contact so you

can keep helping them solve [problem].

🙌This week's podcast episodes...

Ryan is joined by Advait Shinde, chairman of Go Guardian, to talk about the future of AI for work and learning.
Join Ryan for part 2 with Advait Shinde, the chairman of GoGuardian. Advait shares his journey of growing his company from zero to over $100 million in just 10 years. He offers invaluable insights on bootstrapping, the power of a strong founding team, and the unlimited potential for businesses to create value in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and AI.

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Sneak Peek of the Prompt: "How to Have Sam Altman as Your Startup Advisor: Copy and Paste My Prompt🎯 I want you to act like Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI. Your goal is to be my startup and scaleup advisor..."

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  • Impact of ChatGPT: Revolutionized AI interaction, used for various tasks like travel planning and coding assistance.

  • Enterprise Deal: OpenAI signed PwC as its largest customer with 100,000 users.

  • Partnership: PwC will also resell OpenAI's enterprise offerings.

  • Enterprise Tier: Launched in August 2023, offering faster interactions, custom models, and advanced analytics.

  • Challenges: Convincing companies to adopt ChatGPT as a major IT investment.

  • PwC's Expansion: Potential to grow from 100,000 to 328,000 users globally.

  • Business Evolution: PwC sees ChatGPT as a growth strategy without threatening jobs.

  • Generative AI: A significant opportunity for consulting firms in digital transformation.

  • Pricing: Self-service $30/user, consumer $20/user, enterprise pricing undisclosed, speculated $60/seat.

  • Channel Strategy: OpenAI is building a partner ecosystem, starting with PwC.

Key Points Summary

  • Improved Accuracy: GPT-5 is expected to be more accurate due to being trained on more data, following the trend of increasing parameters with each new model.

  • Increased Multimodality: GPT-5 could enhance multimodal capabilities, potentially including video outputs, building on the advancements seen with GPT-4o.

  • Autonomous Action: GPT-5 might introduce the ability to act autonomously, using agents to complete complex tasks with minimal instructions, moving closer to the concept of artificial general intelligence (AGI).

Image: Twitter / Dexerto

Viggle uses AI to create entertaining videos by combining a person’s photo with a movement video, gaining popularity through viral memes.

Viggle's Discord community exploded from a few thousand to over 3 million members in just a few months, showcasing its increasing demand and popularity.

By operating on Discord, Viggle leverages the platform's infrastructure and audience, allowing rapid development and scalability while focusing on backend AI models.

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