Do you know the effect ChatGPT can have on your Children?

Here's a SIMPLE example of how much of an impact that AI can have on learning.

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  • 🙌Google is adding Gemini AI features for paying customers to Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive, too.

  • ⭐OpenAI buys Rockset to bolster its enterprise AI

Students are NOT sleeping on AI.

Also,I am so proud of my son. 🙂

He won his school, regionals and made it to State for his Science Project on the impact of AI summarization for knowledge retention and testing in school.

Here are the key outcomes of the study.

Students with an AI generated summary after reading the short 16 page story had the following results:

1. They had twice the test score on average of those that didn’t.

2. The students finished in almost half the time it took students that did not have the ChatGPT assistance.

This is a SIMPLE example of how much of an impact that AI can have on learning and I am excited to see how this progresses for students and adult learners.

Are there any great use cases you are seeing with tools like ChatGPT for your children?

🛠️Unleash Your AI Power: Prompts SLAM!


Sales Email

"Create a personalized sale email for potential customers. Include [topic, brand name, promo offers, etc.]"


"What are some ways we can boost productivity and employee engagement?"


Customer Service

"Generate a list of ways to improve customer service?"


Email Campaigns

"Generate [number] subject lines for an email campaign about [product or service.]."

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📈 Boost productivity and revolutionize your workflow with these game-changing insights.

To help you navigate this transformation smoothly, I've put together a detailed Best Practices Guide:

1. Identify Key Areas: Recognize the opportunity to optimize knowledge work by transitioning from manual tasks to AI-aided processes across sales, marketing, operations, leadership, and HR.

2. Use Case Segmentation: Understand the 3 core integration areas - Microsoft Web Copilot for real-time insights, Workspace Copilot within Microsoft 365, and Application Copilot for deep app-specific experiences such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams.

3. Utilize Edge Browser Integration: Leverage the unique capabilities of Edge browser integration for real-time interaction with web pages and PDFs, including content creation and summarization.

4. Access Hidden Features: Explore hidden capabilities such as prompt resources, and utilize prompts for various applications to optimize specific functions and tasks.

5. Application functionality: Tap into the designed capabilities within the applications, utilizing the copilot icon within documents and enabling custom creations for presentations and more.

These best practices will help streamline processes and enhance productivity with Microsoft Copilot integration.

Image: Accenture

Generative AI is rapidly contributing to Accenture's bottom line, with $900 million in new bookings this quarter, resulting in $2 billion in sales and $500 million in revenue year-to-date, compared to $300 million in sales and $100 million in revenue last fiscal year.

Despite this growth, generative AI still represents a small fraction of Accenture's $16.47 billion quarterly total, and most clients are still in the experimentation phase.

Claude AI has introduced new features with its Claude 3.5 Sonnet model, offering improved response accuracy, speed, and a new "Artifacts" feature that enhances workflow visualization by showing real-time code snippets, text documents, and designs. Users can access these features for free via and the Claude iOS app, though the paid version offers higher usage limits.

Image: Google for Education

Google has introduced new AI tools for Workspace for Education, including the Gemini model, aimed at enhancing learning experiences and efficiency for students and educators.

Key features include real-time assistance, practice materials, and improved content creation tools, all designed to prepare students for an AI-driven future and support teachers in creating engaging educational content.

Google is integrating its Gemini AI model into Gmail's sidebar, enhancing user productivity by offering real-time assistance with email drafting, summarization, and task management.

Image: Gemini AI

This integration aims to streamline workflows and improve efficiency by leveraging AI-driven insights and automation directly within the Gmail interface.

OpenAI acquired Rockset to integrate its real-time search and data analytics technology into OpenAI’s infrastructure, enhancing its product suite and allowing companies to leverage their own data more effectively for applications like chatbots and recommendation engines.

Expansion of Capabilities: Rockset’s team and technology will join OpenAI, transitioning existing customers gradually and contributing to OpenAI’s enterprise strategy, which includes custom model tuning and consulting programs, aiming to solve large-scale database challenges and reduce AI model hallucinations.

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