Mastering ChatGPT 4o: The Ultimate Tutorial Guide

A step-by-step tutorial guide on mastering ChatGPT 4o.

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  • 🤖Mastering ChatGPT 4o: The Ultimate Tutorial Guide

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  • 🤩Microsoft Surface and Copilot Event: Everything announced

  • 😮Microsoft Build continues the evolution and expansion of AI tools for developers

  • 🤖OpenAI's 'magical' GPT-4o launch leads to ChatGPT's "biggest spike ever" in revenue and downloads on mobile, despite being buried behind the 20-dollar Plus plan

  • 😎Microsoft’s new Copilot AI agents act like virtual employees to automate tasks

  • 🙌Windows now has AI-powered copy and paste

I'll take you through a step-by-step tutorial guide on mastering ChatGPT 4o.

With over 12 to 14 hours spent working and experimenting with this powerful tool, I'll break down how to leverage its capabilities for business, work, and everyday life.

🛠️Unleash Your AI Power: Prompts SLAM!


Writing SMS campaigns for promotions and sales

Write an SMS to introduce [offer] to past customers. Use urgency by saying the promotion only lasts for 3 days


Communicating a pivot

Act as founder of your company, write a communication to your team announcing a pivot in your company's strategy, emphasizing the reasons behind the pivot and the new direction the company will be taking. Consider addressing potential concerns and uncertainties from your team, and providing a clear vision for how the company will move forward with the pivot.


Task prioritization

I’m a copywriter who needs help building tomorrow’s schedule. I have to respond to five emails, two of which are urgent. I also need to write, proofread, and submit an article tomorrow by 5 p.m. At 12 p.m. I have a one-hour call with a client. I’d also like a 30-minute lunch break and some time to exercise. Using the Eisenhower Method, build me a schedule.


Write an On boarding Email

Write a welcome email to my customers after they purchased [name of the product].

Congratulate them for their purchase, and invite them to keep in contact so you

can keep helping them solve [problem].

🙌This week's podcast episodes...

In this episode, Ryan gives more of his unique insights on the latest in the AI world. Ryan updates on a few of the new ChatGTP4 and ChatGRP4o features, the Omnimodel release and the Google Gemini AI integration.
Join Ryan in part 2 of his conversation with Alex Atzberger for a deep dive into leveraging AI at scale across his 1500 employees and infusing it into their product.

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft Pre-Build Event Announcements: Key Points

AI and Surface Innovations:

  1. Copilot+ PCs:

    • New AI PCs called Copilot+ designed to run generative AI processes locally.

    • Requirements: NPU performance of at least 40 TOPs, 16GB RAM, and 256GB storage.

    • Collaboration with AMD, Intel, Qualcomm, and other laptop manufacturers.

    • Claimed to be 58% faster than M3-powered MacBook Air.

    • Supports running multiple small language models locally.

  2. New Surface Models:

    • Surface Laptop:

      • Thinner bezels, Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite chipset.

      • Available in 13.8-inch and 15-inch sizes.

      • Up to 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, up to 22 hours of video playback.

      • Starts at $999, shipping from June 18.

    • Surface Pro:

      • OLED display option, 90% faster than previous generation.

      • 14 hours of video playback, two USB-C ports.

      • LCD model starts at $1,000; OLED model at $1,500.

      • Flex Keyboard costs $350, $450 with Surface Pen.

  3. Third-Party Laptops:

    • Samsung, ASUS, Lenovo, Acer, Dell joining Copilot+.

    • HP Omnibook X and Elitebook Ultra models:

      • Omnibook X: Snapdragon X Elite, 26 hours of video playback, starts at $1,200.

      • Elitebook Ultra starts at $1,700.

      • Both shipping from June 18.

Windows 11 and AI Integration:

  1. Redesigned for Arm:

    • AI APIs integrated, new kernel and compiler, Prism emulator for x86/x64 apps (20% faster).

    • Native support for Microsoft core software and third-party apps (e.g., Chrome, Spotify, Zoom).

  2. Copilot+ Features:

    • Recall: Finds past activities using natural language prompts, data stays on device.

    • Redesigned Copilot app: Can be sidebar, standalone window, or fullscreen; drag-and-drop items.

    • Cocreator in Microsoft Paint: Image generation tool with a creativity slider.

    • Live Captions: Real-time translation of dozens of languages into English.

    • Super Resolution in Windows Photos: Restores old images.

    • Auto Super Resolution for Games: AI upscaling tech for graphics and refresh rates.

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is making significant advances in AI, impacting both the company and developers by improving efficiency, enhancing customer experiences, and enabling new breakthroughs. Highlights include:

  • Microsoft Copilot: Over 150 updates have been made, and the Copilot stack now allows developers to create their own copilots.

  • GitHub Copilot: Widely adopted with 1.8 million paid subscribers.

  • Copilot+ PCs: Introduced as the fastest, most AI-ready PCs.

  • Microsoft Build Event: Showcases new AI technologies and products, with 200,000 registrants and 4,000 in-person attendees.

  • Real-Time Intelligence: Part of Microsoft Fabric, offering solutions for high-volume, time-sensitive data.

  • GitHub Copilot Extensions: Customizable experiences with services like Azure and Docker.

  • New Frontier Models: Multimodal capabilities in Azure AI, including GPT-4o and Phi-3-vision models.

  • Partnership with Khan Academy: Using AI to empower educators and improve math tutoring.

  • Cognition AI Partnership: Introducing Devin, an AI agent for complex tasks.

  • AI Infrastructure: New virtual machines powered by AMD’s MI300X AI accelerator chip and Microsoft’s custom Cobalt processor.

  • Evolution of Copilot: Team Copilot and Microsoft Copilot Studio introduce new agent capabilities and extensions.

Microsoft remains a leader in AI, continually pushing the boundaries of technology to support developers and improve user experiences.

  • OpenAI's new GPT-4o model spikes ChatGPT's revenue and downloads on mobile.

  • The new flagship model's launch contributed to ChatGPT's rise in daily average revenue from $491K to nearly $900K.

  • Appfigures says this isn't a one-off peak, but a sustainable trend on an upward trajectory.

  • GPT-4o is limited to ChatGPT Plus members on mobile, but it's still driving more revenue and downloads.

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft's AI automation aims to eliminate monotonous job tasks rather than replace jobs. Businesses and developers can soon build AI-powered Copilots to perform tasks automatically, such as monitoring email, data entry, IT help desk services, and employee onboarding.

Charles Lamanna, VP at Microsoft, explained that Copilot will become proactive, handling background tasks without waiting for user queries. A preview of this capability is being tested before a public release.

Microsoft believes Copilot will reduce repetitive administrative tasks, allowing employees to focus on more meaningful work, enhancing job satisfaction instead of causing job loss.

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft adds Advanced Paste to PowerToys for Windows 11.

  • Functionality: Converts clipboard content using AI, such as translating code between languages.

  • Activation: Enabled with PowerToys version 0.81, activated by pressing Windows Key + Shift + V.

  • Conversion Options: Includes plaintext, markdown, JSON, and more with an Advanced Paste text window.

  • AI Integration: Allows custom AI conversions (e.g., summarizations, translations, style changes) using OpenAI API.

  • Requirements: OpenAI API key and purchased credits are needed to use AI features.

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