Unpacking the AI Revolution

B2B Sales - 10 Years Ahead

Hey Sales Mavericks and AI Enthusiasts,

If your calendar isn't marked for November 2nd at 11:30 Central, you're missing out on what could be a game-changing moment for your sales career. The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of innovation, inspiration, and intense learning. From launching the groundbreaking Sales AI Accelerator to rubbing shoulders with GTM leaders at the GTM Summit in Nashville— it's been a ride.

But amid the hustle, I discovered my true passion—live presentations. Whether it was spitting fire on John Barrows' "Make It Happen Mondays" or dropping knowledge bombs on Rob Jeppsen’s "Sales Leadership Podcast," it hit me: I LOVE this stuff. And you know what? You deserve to experience it too.

So, buckle up because I'm going LIVE.

This isn't just another training. This is the diamond in the rough you’ve been searching for—the strategy that’s going to accelerate your results, shrink your work hours, and make you ask, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Why You Can't Afford to Miss This:

  • Speed & Scale: Learn how to expedite your sales cycle like never before.

  • Elite Performance: Equip yourself to outclass the competition, literally.

  • Exclusive Bonuses: Stick around till the end, and you’ll walk away with something that’s going to amplify your ROI.

There’s a cap on attendance—no exceptions. The most agile and ready-to-act professionals are the ones who'll benefit the most.

If you’re someone who doesn't just wait for opportunities but creates them, if you're geared up to scale and speed up like never before, then don't waste another second.

👇 Secure your place at the forefront of sales evolution. 👇

Don't just aim to make sales. Aim to make history.

See you in the fast lane.

P.S. For those who grab life by the horns and make things happen, an exclusive bonus awaits at the end. Don't be left wondering what it was.

Ryan Staley

Here’s what we got for you:

  • 💡 Unpacking the AI Revolution: B2B Sales - 10 Years Ahead

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  • 🎧 Weekly Podcast Updates 

  • 🤖 ChatGPT-4V Multimodal decodes a Redacted government document on a UFO sighting released by NASA

  • 💪 Unlocking the $100 Billion Potential of Artificial Intelligence

  • 💲 Using AI to change videos from English to other languages

  • 😮 Stack Overflow Adapts to the Post-ChatGPT Disruption: Workforce Reduction and the Quest for Sustainability

  • 🌟 OpenAI's Bold Move: Granting ChatGPT Unrestricted Internet Access

The most valuable B2B sales skill in 2033: Anticipating AI Trends.

Master it and you'll dominate the industry.

These 10 predictions will get you started:


Just like ChatGPT became the "Presidents Club" advisor, expect AI tools to be your top-performing sales reps.

There will be Automated Sales People for lower ACV contracts and “Real” Sales People that will have automated agents.


AI won't just predict sales; it'll predict your biggest wins.

Forecasting will be 100% automated with emotional risk indicators.


Remember how I grew a business unit from 0 to $30M in ARR? AI will make this the norm, not the exception.

Sales Ops. will be converted into specialized Code Interpreters with Executive oversight for creativity and quality check points.


Dive into analytics without the paralysis. Thanks, AI.

Predictive data will be shared with the team to guide day to course corrections.


Real-time, AI-driven feedback? That's the future of sales training.

This will be based on personality profiles, learning style and job history for every individual.


Your pitches, but in immersive VR. Sales game-changer.

Think of Ready Player One, but with real life avatars and haptic suits.


Automated entries, insightful outputs. Manual? What's that?

Customer data will be triggered only by actions with real-time assessment scores for honesty, interest and intent.


AI that senses client emotions and adapts? Now we're talking.

Body temperature, pupil dilation and eye contact focus levels will be tracked for every interaction similar to how keystrokes and website heat maps are utilized today.


Maximum impact, minimal resources. AI makes every penny count.

1 to 1 personalized Micro- Saas products will replace information products and will be available for free.


ChatGPT personalizes at scale. Expect more tools to do the same.

Similar to how Meta analyzes 10,000 plus data points (for your Facebook account), data will be tracked at that level for the entire buyer journey.


I've seen B2B sales evolve, and AI's at the forefront. Ready to be a part of the revolution?

🛠️Unleash Your AI Power: Prompts SLAM!


Crafting a sales copy

"I'm having trouble coming up with a [ADJECTIVE] headline for my [PRODUCT/SERVICE]. Can you suggest some [ADJECTIVE] phrases that will [ACTION] the reader's attention and [ACTION] them to learn more about what I have to offer?"


Identify your niche and target market

"Help me identify a profitable niche and target market for my [product/service idea], and analyze the existing competition"


Master Time Management with the Eisenhower Matrix

"Help me categorize my tasks using the Eisenhower Matrix and create a prioritized action plan for the increased productivity"


Uncover platform-specific best practices

"Detail the best practices for creating and optimizing content on each platform: YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter"

TIP: Quickly generate responses, even without prompt changes. Surprising variations may arise, and the second attempt can be the most fruitful.

🙌This week's podcast episodes...

Photo: Steven Duarte/Axios

Key Points:

  1. Inflection AI, co-founded by Mustafa Suleyman and Reid Hoffman, aims to build a multi-billion-dollar business and eventually go public.

  2. The company is structured as a for-profit public benefit corporation, emphasizing societal benefits as part of its corporate goals.

  3. This approach aligns with a trend where companies developing large language models experiment with corporate structures to balance profit and societal impact.

  4. Scale is crucial in the current creative moment in Silicon Valley, and Inflection AI emphasizes speed and scale with a strong team and ample resources.

  5. Reid Hoffman highlights the importance of building quality tech with a positive impact on society, prioritizing impact over profitability metrics.

  6. Start-ups in the AI tech race can be agile and focused, while incumbent tech companies have advantages like existing customers and established businesses for faster scaling, provided they can develop innovative tech.

  7. Reid Hoffman expresses confidence in not investing in Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter, suggesting it was the right call.

Why It Matters:

The structure and goals of companies involved in AI development are evolving, with a focus on societal benefits alongside profitability.

Inflection AI's ambition to become a multi-billion-dollar business and eventual IPO demonstrates the growing importance of AI in technology.

The emphasis on speed, scale, and a positive societal impact reflects the competitive and innovative nature of the AI landscape.

Hoffman's confidence in his investment decisions highlights the dynamic and evolving nature of the tech industry, particularly in the realm of AI.

The latest AI technology is highly proficient at translating videos from one language to another while preserving the speaker's voice and adapting lip movements to match the new dialogue. This enables a substantial increase in dubbed videos in various languages, not just subtitled content.

  1. This technology poses both short-term opportunities and long-term challenges. In the short term, it facilitates easier and more extensive video dubbing. However, it raises concerns related to misinformation and potential job displacement as generative AI continues to advance.

  2. Lipdub, a free iOS app, exemplifies this technology's capabilities. Users can translate videos into different languages or experiment with alternative voices, but there may be imperfections in translation, and clips might get cut off. The technology has the potential to disrupt traditional dubbing and could be used for various applications in the future.

How It Works:

  • Lipdub, a free iOS app, employs AI to translate videos into other languages.

  • Users can choose different languages and experiment with alternative voices.

  • The technology aims to preserve the original speaker's voice and adjust lip movements to match the translated dialogue.

  • While the translations can be impressive, they may not be perfect, and sometimes clips may need multiple attempts for satisfactory results.

The use of AI in dubbing and translation technology is rapidly advancing, potentially impacting various industries, including Hollywood dubbing. It's worth noting that other companies, like ElevenLabs and CreatorGlobal, also offer similar capabilities. The technology, while useful, raises concerns about deepfake-like content generation and the potential for misuse in the future. Responsible use and safeguards are crucial as such technology becomes more widespread.

In the wake of generative AI like ChatGPT, which provides specific coding assistance, Stack Overflow, a once-favorite developer help forum, faces challenges. Chatbots offer instant code corrections, optimization suggestions, and code explanations.

Photo: Google

ode verification in integrated development environments (IDEs) makes chatbots an ideal choice for coding assistance. Stack Overflow has announced layoffs of 28% of its staff, citing a path to profitability and ongoing product innovation, including the development of "Overflow AI" to compete with ChatGPT. However, the irony lies in the fact that chatbots like ChatGPT often rely on data scraped from sites like Stack Overflow, raising questions about the sustainability of web resources and the need for collaboration between AI firms and knowledge-sharing platforms like Stack Overflow.

OpenAI's ChatGPT users can now utilize Bing to access real-time information, enhancing the chatbot's capabilities. Additionally, the integration of DALL-E 3 is being introduced in beta, offering exciting developments in AI-powered content generation.

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