How to use ChatGPT to Sell or Market to Anybody

Let's explore together the endless possibilities of AI and how it can make a significant impact on your business strategies.

Happy Friday!

I have been blown away with the progress we are making in evolving AI Skills for the non-technical Revenue Community.  I have been presenting a lot to both corporate teams and on Podcasts.  A few weeks ago I was tasked to present to a group of COOs on AI enablement and spent a TON of time deconstructing the ChatGPT Data Analysis tool.  

A few of my key takeaways:

-Very easy to create graphs and visuals comparing the data you provide
-Works well across picture analysis or excel/csv files for great visuals.
-Can give amazing insights if you ask for patterns in the data or are very prescriptive with follow-up questions after a general analysis.
-Will only work with the data set you give it (at a high level)
-Cannot compare internet or real-time data vs. your data
-Can time out if you ask it to build too many graphs (need to ask in chunks)
Overall it’s a really useful tool now that I know its limitations.

The BEST take away though is that I discovered how to use it to replicate one of the single best Go To Market Strategies I ever used to 2x our customer size(for 5 years in a row) and 1,000X our largest ACV.

And....the process only takes 10 minutes! 🤯

So, I decided to share it in my Sales AI Accelerator in this month's Masterclass (and yes prompts are included.)

Grab your free trial here (and 9 AI resources just for trialing it.)

😉 P.S. If you need to hear how it's helping others, check out Jeizel's experience below.

Ryan Staley

Here’s what we got for you:

  • 🤖 The #1 OpenAI Release That is Better Than The GPT Store That 99% Missed!

  • 🛠️ Prompt SLAM!

  • 🎧 Weekly Podcast Updates 

  • 😮 Nightshade: a new tool artists can use to "poison" AI models that scrape their online work

  • 🤖 Microsoft's AI-powered reading tutor lets students choose their own adventures - and it's free

  • 🙌 Japanese author used ChatGPT to write an award-winning novel

  • Etsy launches ‘Gift Mode,’ a new AI-powered feature that generates 200+ gift guides

  • 😎 AI Model Makes $30k a month as a Virtual Girlfriend for Lonely Men

If you've ever wondered how to use ChatGPT to fast-track your business insights, watch the video below. I'm sharing my personal experience on how a single question to ChatGPT shed light on complexities that took me 10 years to understand in the corporate world.

From the initial ChatGPT login to navigating through the ChatGPT app and leveraging ChatGPT-4 for deep business insights, I cover it all.

This guide isn't just about using AI chat; it's about transforming your business acumen overnight. Let's explore together the endless possibilities of AI and how it can make a significant impact on your business strategies.

🛠️Unleash Your AI Power: Prompts SLAM!


Sales enablement (onboarding)

Create a presentation outline that includes {your company’s} mission statement, {your company’s} target customer, the benefits of {your product(s) or service(s)}.

Then, Write a 1,000-word guide on {your product or service} including three statistics (with source) with 10 ways it/they will help {a specific role or buyer}.


Agenda with a direct report

Act as a manager, please write a 1-1 meeting agenda with your direct report in bullet point header


Cold DM

"I need a cold DM idea that will leverage the authenticity and relatability of my [brand/company] to engage my [ideal customer persona] and persuade them to take [desired action] on my [product/service]."


Write value proposition

As VP of marketing for [insert company name]: a centralized dashboard for leaders to see and take actions on updates across all apps in the company, write your value proposition for this product

🙌This week's podcast episodes...

Image: DALL-E

Nightshade Release: The Glaze Project, led by Professor Ben Zhao at the University of Chicago, has released a free software tool named Nightshade. This tool is designed for artists to "poison" AI models that train on their online artwork without consent.

Purpose of Nightshade: AI models train by scraping data from the internet, learning from artwork to create derivative pieces. This infringes on the original artists' rights and competes with their livelihood. Nightshade aims to protect artists' work by disrupting this unauthorized use.

How It Works: Utilizing PyTorch, a popular machine learning framework, Nightshade identifies the content of images and then subtly alters them at the pixel level. This manipulation causes AI programs to misinterpret the altered images' content significantly.

Impact on AI Models: If an AI model trains on images altered with Nightshade, its ability to correctly categorize objects in any image could be compromised, leading to widespread misidentification issues within the model.

Artistic Defense: The development of Nightshade represents a strategy for artists to defend against generative AI models that bypass consent and copyright considerations, offering a proactive measure against the unauthorized use of their work.

Microsoft's Reading Coach now personalizes learning for any reading level.

Personalized and Interactive Reading Experiences: Microsoft's Reading Coach uses generative AI to allow students to create personalized stories by choosing their protagonist, genre, setting, and reading level. This customization makes reading more engaging and tailored to individual preferences and abilities, enhancing the learning experience.

Educational Support and Feedback: As students read aloud, the AI captures audio to provide feedback on pronunciation and suggests words for practice. The interactive narrative paths that change the story's progression also encourage active participation and comprehension, offering a dynamic way to improve reading skills.

Safety Measures and Gamification: Microsoft has implemented safety guardrails to ensure the content generated by AI is appropriate for students. The gamification aspect, with unlockable content and achievements, motivates students by turning reading into a rewarding game, making it a fun and educational tool.

Why It's Good:

This AI-powered reading tutor is beneficial because it combines technology with education to offer a customized, engaging, and safe learning environment. It not only supports the development of reading skills through personalized feedback but also encourages students to take an active role in their learning journey. The inclusion of safety measures ensures a secure platform for students, while the gamification elements make learning enjoyable, likely increasing students' willingness to spend time reading and improving their skills.

AI in Literature: Rie Kudan, a Japanese author, revealed that she used generative AI (ChatGPT) for about 5% of her award-winning novel, "Sympathy Tower Tokyo," to find specific expressions that matched her book's themes. Similarly, a Chinese professor used AI to write a novel in just three hours, winning a national award, highlighting the technology's increasing influence on creative writing.

Creative Debate: The adoption of AI in writing has sparked discussions among authors and critics. While some see the technology as a threat to the traditional craft of writing, others view it as a modern tool for creativity, akin to historical methods of seeking inspiration.

Legal and Ethical Considerations: Legal perspectives on AI-generated content vary globally. A Beijing court granted copyright protection to AI-generated art, recognizing the creator's intellectual contribution, whereas the U.S. Copyright Office does not consider AI-generated works as products of human authorship. Platforms and organizations are beginning to require disclosures of AI use, aiming to balance innovation with protection for human creators.

The use of AI in literature is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it offers fresh opportunities for creativity and innovation in storytelling, acting as a modern muse for writers. On the other, it brings forth challenges related to authorship and copyright, raising questions about the essence of human creativity versus machine assistance. Striking a balance between leveraging AI's potential and preserving the integrity of human authorship is essential. Ultimately, AI should complement rather than substitute the human creative process, ensuring that literature continues to be a reflection of human insight and imagination.

Tailored Gift Finding: Etsy's "Gift Mode" is an AI-powered feature that simplifies gift shopping by generating personalized gift guides based on the recipient's relationship, occasion, and interests from over 100 million items, creating over 200 persona-based guides like “The Music Lover” or “The Pet Parent.” This tool aims to alleviate gift-shopping anxiety by offering thoughtful, meaningful suggestions from independent sellers.

AI Integration and Expansion: Leveraging OpenAI's GPT-4, Etsy enhances the gift-finding experience with a mix of machine learning, human curation, and generative AI. This approach underscores Etsy's commitment to refining its platform's user experience and search capabilities, with plans to further develop and scale Gift Mode, demonstrating a broader investment in AI to transform shopping and seller interactions on Etsy.

Who needs a real person to pretend to be your girlfriend when lonely men can throw their money away on an AI version of a model?

Lexi Love, as she’s been named by the company that created her – Foxy AI, isn’t real, but she never sleeps and can speak more than 30 languages. That’s going to make her tough to compete with.

On top of that she’s been designed to “flirt, laugh, and adapt to different personalities, interests and preferences.” She’ll exchange text and voice messages and even “naughty photos.”

Lexi is so good at her job she’s convinced some of her “boyfriends” that she’s a real person. They’re not only sending her their money, but they’re proposing to her.

She receives as many as 20 marriage proposals a month. Wow!

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